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Art Demonstration
Saturday, March 12 & sunday March 13

Saturday 11am

Mixed Media: Vineeta Dhillon will share a fun step-by-step demonstration of loose watercolor, colored pencil and fine black ink pens to create a colorful spring inspired card.  $10.00 

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Saturday 12:30pm

Gina Greene with teach you how to create art with just some pebbles and driftwood on canvas. $5.00

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Saturday 3:30pm

Feeling stressed and need some relief? Come take my simple 1-hour painting class and leave with your own masterpiece - it will be your wine country paradise! For only $10.00 you will have all the necessary supplies for creating your version of an 11x14 inch acrylic still life that highlights the joy of the Village 360 experience. Class Instructor: Michael Faulkner, Solano Native.

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Sunday 4pm

Pixel Pat will teach you the basics of Digital Artwork using ProCreator software on an iPad.  Bring your iPad pre-loaded with ProCreator or use one on site. $2.00 per person. (Apple will charge $9.99 for the app)

Untitled_Artwork 1 2.jpg
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Untitled_Artwork 3.jpg

Sunday 2pm

In this 2-hour class we’ll talk about the rule of 3 and how a fixed light source determines shine, shade & shadows. We’ll paint the point farthest point in the background, the sky, with its various colors, & work forward. In the painting I’ve chosen, the sky meets a horizon of distant ocean & rolls toward a sandy beach. We’ll add some rocks, a Monterey Cypress & some birds. Everything for this class will be provided, but students must be advised that acrylic paints are not easily removed from clothing, so maybe wear old clothes or bring smocks?

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