Signing Up To Docent

1.  Go to

2.  Click on the checkerboard located on the top right hand side.

3.  Select, “Calendar”.

4.  When asked, enter the logon email address. for the Solano Town center Gallery.

5.  When asked, enter the Password, enter the appropriate password.

6.  The calendar will appear.

7.  Double click the date you would like to docent. A new window will appear.

8.  Type in your name.

9.  Next, uncheck the All Day Box and new boxes with times will appear.

10. Select the “START” time and “ENDING” that will docent.

11. Select “SAVE” and you are done.

12. If you’d like you can go to to verify you have been scheduled.

If you have forgotten the password, please contact:

Dennis Ariza at 707-688-8889 or for the Solano Town Center Gallery.