Mark Frazitta

Mark Frazitta.jpg

Right now my only media is digital photography.

I started taking pictures in 1972 when I was in high school. My first job was helping adult students with photography. I helped them mix the chemicals and develop their black and white prints along with the enlarger. (I was paid less than minimum wage, because I was a student helping adults)

I joined FSVAA in 2010.  Before I joined FSVAA, I had never entered any of my photos into any type of competition.

My dad was the biggest influence on me. He was a news camera man for KPIX news. He took me out to buy my first SLR. He helped me pick out, the camera a couple of different lens and external flash. He also negotiated a lower price because of the “Large” purchase I was making.

From high school until I joined FSVAA, I took pictures of my vacations, youth group events I was involved with, family birthday parties and special events. I did not start using a digital camera until I joined FSVAA in 2010. Today most of my body of work is of anything with no people in it. I’m a Realtor by profession and a photographer by passion.

My favorite piece is of a lion from the San Francisco Zoo.


Cell/Text (707)344-4199