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FSVAA Open Studios 2020

Has been postponed until next year!


Join us for Open Studios 2019

This will be a 2-day event to introduce the public to amazing local Artists. Open your studio, home or yard and display your artwork. Below is information to help guide you in making your decision and participate.

Pamphlet Advertising:

     1. Artists (Members)

        a. Line Listing (Includes One Yard Sign)--$40

        b. Line Listing with art--$50

     2. Artists (Non-Members)

         a. Line Listing (Includes One Yard Sign)--$60

         b. Line Listing with art--$70

     3. Businesses or Artist Groups

         a. ¼ Page--$50

         b. ½ Page--$80

         c. Full Page--$145

         d. All advertisements receive a yard sign

         e. Sponsor an Artist and receive a Free ¼ Page Ad

         f. Multiple Artists at one location may purchase Advertisements

     4. Each location will be assigned a number that will correspond with

         a number on a city map

     5. Each Artist and Business will be listed in the pamphlet by number

     6. Each Artist will also be listed Alphabetically

     7. Multiple Artists at one location will all be assigned the same number

         Each Artist will be given individual yard signs

         (Example: 4 Artists will receive 4 Yard Signs)

     8. Additions signs can be purchased

Download an Application Here


More information available soon!

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