Jury's out, results are in.


    Congratulations to all the participants in this years show! Amazing pieces were entered giving the jurors some difficult decisions. A huge thanks goes out to all the volunteers and artists who helped make this show a success! 


    Here are the award recipients for the 52nd Annual Northern California Regional Juried Art Show:



    1st: Nancy Freeman, “Geese” (Benicia)

    2nd: Nancy Freeman, “Suisun” (Benicia)

    3rd: Maren Waddill, “Purple Pear” (Rio Vista)

    HM: Thomasina Ferguson-Howard, “Primarily Yours” (Fairfield)



    1st Ken Chew, “Dreaming” (Fairfield)

    2nd Ken Chew, “Untitled” (Fairfield)

    3rd H. Alex Santurio, “Dormant” (Fairfield)

    HM William Sievert, “6666” (Vallejo)



    1st: Barbara Killeen, “The Bus Ticket” (Granite Bay)

    2nd: Ellen Christians, “Summer Apricots” (Fairfield)

    3rd: Barbara Killeen, ”Hat Rack” (Granite Bay)

    HM: Shannon Whitney, “Pete” (Castro Valley)


    Pastel / Drawing

    1st: Ellen Christians, “Brigitte” (Fairfield)

    2nd: Clara Podger, “Napa Tree” (Fairfield)

    3rd: Alma Renko, “Field of Lavendar” (Rio Vista)

    HM: Alma Renko, “Up Town” (Rio Vista)


    Sculpture / Assemblage

    1st: Monica Vellejos Clark, “I Am” (Fairfield)

    2nd: Robyn Brakel, “The Calm That Overcomes” (Travis AFB)

    3rd: Christine Golez, “Convergence” (Fairfield)

    HM: Robert Nelson, “Weidelfish” (Benicia)

    HM: Nicky Ruxton, “Collective Decisior” (Vallejo)



    1st: Margo Scarpulla, “Candy Raku Vessel” (Fairfield)

    2nd: Maya WindDancer, “Abenaki 021713” (Fairfield)

    3rd: Mary Gail Taylor, “Untitled” (Fairfield)

    HM: Margo Scarpulla, “Sagger Vessel” (Fairfield)

    HM: Mathilde Marksburg, “Macaco” (Fairfield)


    Mixed Media / Collage

    1st: Janet Manalo, “Vantage Point” (Vacaville)

    2nd: Janet Manalo, “She 's An Open Book” (Vacaville)

    3rd: Ann Jacobs, “Little Brown Girl”

    HM: Ann Jacobs, “A - Is - For …” (Rio Vista)

    HM: Chris Meade, “Manhattan Anyone ?” (Benicia) 


    B&W Photography

    1st: Caroline Thompson, “Awning” (Fairfield)

    2nd: Lisa Anderson, “Angst” (Fairfield)

    3rd: Gene Thomas, “Untitled” (Vallejo)


    Color Photography

    1st: Galen Tom, (Fairfield)

    2nd: Gary Priest, “Old Moose” (Fairfield)

    3rd: Ed Finkas, “Woman At Train Station” (Vacaville)

    HM: Mike Foldhazi, “Beyond Measures” (Vacaville)

    HM: Erin Marie Fritz, “Dirty” (Fairfield)


    Digital Art

    1st: Gary Priest, “Salmon Alive” (Fairfield)

    2nd: Judy Honeychurch, “Jelly Trio” (Fairfield)

    3rd: Joseph Terrell, “Through The Abyss” (Fairfield)

    HM: Gary Priest, “Love Work” (Fairfield)


    Fiber Art / Textile

    1st: Jane Y. Corich, “Magic Carpet” (Fairfield)

    2nd: Annie Johnson, “Crossing Patterns” (Fairfield)



    1st: Dill Hunter, “Heliconia II” (Fairfield)

    2nd: Carol Levin, “Silence Your Cellphones” (Fairfield)

    3rd: Carol Levin, “Selfie and Brandon Landscape” (Fairfield)


    Jewelry / Glass / Other

    1st: Deborah Froehlich, “Green Sprite Jellies” (Suisun City)

    2nd: Elias Vazquez, “Carving Box” (Fairfield)

    3rd: Linda Bodie, “Whee !” (Fairfield)

    HM: Margo Scarpulla, “Adirondack Winter” (Fairfield)


    Now come check it out!


    View the exhibition catalog here.



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