The Fairfield-Suisun City Visual Arts Association has been in operation for 56 years. 

    In 2002, we were designated as non-profit 501(c)(3) organization

    officially as the Fairfield Visual Arts Association (FVAA)

    and in 2015 we became also known as the

    Fairfield Suisun-City Visual Arts Association (FSVAA)

    The Solano Town Center Gallery in Fairfield


    The Solano Town Center Gallery provides the FSVAA Artist Members to exhibit their art

    Gallery Locations:

    Solano Town Center Gallery

    1350 Travis Blvd

    2nd Floor, Suite D8

    Fairfield, CA 94533


    The gallery is located on the second floor adjacent to AT&T Store near the

    Edwards Stadium 16 Theater.

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    • Twitter: FSVAA

    ​Lawler House Gallery

    718 Main St

    Waterfront District

    Suisun City, CA 94534

    • Facebook: Lawler House Gallery
    • Instagram: FSVAA
    • Twitter: FSVAA