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Committee SignUp

The FSVAA needs your support. We have a wonderful gallery, Solano Town Center Gallery located in Fairfield, CA. In order for the Gallery to survive we need your help. As a member of the FSVAA, you are a key part of this organization and as a Group we can make this Gallery one of the best. When you joined our Group on the application, there was a list of Committees to join and now the time to serve has arrived.

Curating Committee:  Register art during the intake at each show. Ensure all forms are complete, accurate, and tags and hanging wire are attached to each piece of art.

Docent Committee:  Determine and implement the most effective and efficient method of maintaining a full docent calendar.  Create and maintain a schedule by signing people up as they drop off their work at each show, calling members, etc.

Marketing Committee:  Determine and implement the most effective and efficient method of promoting the Gallery.  This may include writing articles for newspapers, radio, magazines, collecting bios for members, etc.

Membership Committee:  Assist Doug Cooper with managing membership documentation, solicit new members, contact members to renew membership, etc.

Reception Committee Assist Jessica Robinson, coordinate and organize each reception. Solicit food and drink donations from local vendors, purchase food and drinks when necessary (FSVAA to reimburse you, there is a $50 budget for each reception), ensuring water, cups, etc. are provided, perform other miscellaneous tasks associated with reception like setup, take-down, and clean-up after each event. An additional item that needs to be done at time is to purchase a wine license from the City of Fairfield when needed.

Special Events Committee: Organize special events and find guest artists, etc. This may require traveling to other galleries and contacting artists in other regions.


Workshop/Education Committee:  Organize workshops and classes. This would require setting up tables and chairs and also taking them down and clean up.

We are not asking for much of your time for these Committees, but the little you can offer will greatly impact our success. Please take the time to sign up for a Committee and feel free to email me with questions.

Dennis M. Ariza

President, FSVAA

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