Future Shows

Solano Town Center Gallery

Mark Your Calendars
All Dates Are Subject To Change!
Show Intake is on Sundays Only

Artwork dropped off on other dates without prior arrangements will not be accepted.

"Electric Words"

July 15 thru August 22

Featured Artist: Jodi Webber
Intake: Sunday, July 12, Noon-6pm
Artwork Pickup: Sunday, August 22, Noon to 5pm

"5 Questions"
August 26 thru September 26

Featured Artist: Robert Simmons
Intake: Sunday 27, Noon to 6pm

Artwork Pickup: Sunday,  September 26, Noon to 5pm

"Do It Yourself"

September 2 thru October 31

Featured Artist: Dennis Ariza
(Bodie and the Eastern Sierras)

Intake: Sunday, August 30, Noon to 6pm
Artwork Pickup: Sunday, October 31 Noon to 5pm

Gallery Closed:

November 2 thru November 5
(Gallery Maintenance)

57th Annual Nor-Cal Regional Juried Art Show

Entry Date: Saturday, November 7
Jury Date: Sunday, November 8

Show Opens: November TBA
Show Ends: Saturday, January 2, 2021