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If you plan to sign up to docent at the Solano Town Center Gallery you must use the Google Calendar. The Scheduler will no longer be used. Everyone's information has been transferred from the Scheduler to the calendar. For some of you who are members of Lawler House, you are familiar with the process. The process is simple.

1. Go to If you already have a gmail account and by default your computer brings you into your gmail, you must sign out. Then login as follows:

E-mail    xxxxxxxx            For email and PW please refer to your Nov 14th email from
PW        xxxxxxxx            the association subj: "How to Schedule Yourself...."
Click "Sign in                   or contact

2.  At the top right-hand corner is an icon that looks like tic-tac-toe. Click on it and then click "Calendar."

3.  The display will show the current week. You can use the scroll arrows on the top left of the work Calendar to change the week. The shifts are from 11am to 2:30pm and 2:30pm to 6:00pm. If they are filled, the space will be light blue with the person's name.

4.  Select the date and time you want to docent and double click on the space. A window will open and at the top left there is a space that says Untitled Event. Type your name there.

5.  Below your name is a space with the date you selected. Please verify that it is correct.

6.  The next space to the right is the start time of the shift you selected. Verify that it is correct. Next verify the ending time of your shift.

7.  Last, if everything is correct, click Save (shown in red).

8.  If you plan to sign up for a second or third day, follow steps 3-7.

You can view the calendar at any time on the website. Click "Artist" then "Calendar." There are many open days that need to be filled and every member is required to docent during each show.

Dennis Ariza
FSVAA Vice President
Solano Town Center Gallery

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