The Quarantine Gallery

'In The Country'


Badlands-Photography by Dennis Ariza $185


Badlands-Photography by Dennis Ariza $185

Bodie Stream

Bodie Stream-Photography by Dennis Ariza (Bodie Series) $185

Bodie General Store

Bodie General Store-Photography by Dennis Ariza (Bodie Series) $185

NTM Stream

Bodie Stream-Photography by Dennis Ariza (Bodie Series) $600

Bodie Kitchen

Bodie Kitchen-Photography by Dennis Ariza (Bodie Series) $185


Posy-Watercolor by Vineeta Dihillon $225

Fields of Color

Fields of Color-Watercolor by Lettie Neuhauser-MacLachlan $325

Man and His Dog

Man and His dog-Acrylic Painting by Laura Klein $250

Flowers of Dordogne

Flowers of Dordogne-Watercolor by Lettie Neuhauser-MacLachlan $325

Sanctuary From the Madness

Sanctuary From the Madness-Mixed Media by Kirk Bragdon $2000

The Cross

The Cross-Photography by Dennis Ariza

Oak Trees

Oak Trees-Photography by Dennis Ariza $165 - $600

Muir Woods

Muir Woods-Photography by Dennis Ariza $600

Lamitore Beach

Lamitore Beach-Photography by Dennis Ariza $185


Breeze-Photography by Dennis Ariza $185


Aspens-Photography by Dennis Ariza $300


Lips-Wood Carving by Doug Cooper

Green Roof

Green Roof-acrylic Painting by Jess Robinson $250

Grand Canyon View

Grand Canyon View-Photography by Jodi Webber $250


Grand Canyon View-Photography by Jodi Webber $250

Burney Falls

Burney Falls-Photography by Jodi Webber $250

Autumn Cabin

Autumn Cabin-Photography by Dennis Ariza $165

Wine Country

Wine Country-Acrylic Painting by Clara Podger $300

Trinity Road

Trinity Road-Acrylic Painting by Clara Podger $250

Gold Coast

Gold Coast-Acrylic Painting by Yves Daos $500


Delmer-Wood Carving by Doug Cooper $40


Lenny-Wood Carving by Doug Cooper $40


Frank-Wood Carving by Doug Cooper $40

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter-Wood Carving by Doug Cooper $40

From the Farmer's Market

From the Farmer's Market-Acrylic Painting by Maribel Passion $350

Country Barn

Country Barn-Acrylic Painting by Laura Klein $300

Gordon Valley

Gordon Valley-watercolor by Barbara Smithson $225

Sierra Mountain View

Sierra Mountain View-by Annette Batchlor $250

California Barn Home

California Barn Home-Oil Painting by Annette Batchlor $250

Winter Snow

Winter Snow-Acrylic Painting by Laura Klein $250

3 Seater

A Family That Sits Together-Photography by Dennis Ariza (Bodie Series) $165

Bees & Blooms

Bees & Blooms-Watercolor by Vineeta Dhillon $450 People's Choice Award (Wildlife Show)


Jilted-Watercolor by Vineeta Dhillon $150

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle-Photograph by Dennis Ariza $165


Barn Owl-Glass by JoRene' Danel $230


Storms-a-Brew'n-Photograph by Dennis Ariza $600