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The Quarantine Gallery
Artwork at The Solano Town Center Gallery

Spotlight Artist: Sheree Rayford
Show Dates: January 12 thru February 17

Gone But Not Forgotten

Gone But Not Forgotten--Photography by Phil Venable $300

Daddy Duty 1

Daddy Duties 1--Photography by Sheree Rayford $450

Daddy Duties #2

Daddy Duties 2--Photography by Sheree Rayford $375

Daddy Duty 3

Daddy Duty 3--Photography by Sheree Rayford $375

On Every Corner 1

On Every Corner 1--Photography by Sheree Rayford $

On Every Corner 2

On Every Corner 2--Photography by Sheree Rayford $375

Look Up

Look Up--Photography by Sheree Rayford $730

Vision of Life

Vision of Life--Photography by Sheree Rayford $730


Equality--Photography by Sheree Rayford $350


Palace--Photography by Sheree Rayford $780


Isolation--Digital Art by Ebba Navas $250

Meditation of a Dream

Meditation of a Dream--Acrylic Painting by Sheree Rayford $610

Patterns and Grace

Patterns and Grace--Collage by Mei-ling Albert $350

Above Us

Above Us--Acrylic Painting by Olivia Griffin $150

Conversation with Happy

Conversation with Happy--Acrylic Painting by Sheree Rayford $410

City Unknown

City Unknown--Acrylic Painting by Olivia Griffin $250

Remixed Joy

Remixed Joy--Acrylic Painting by Sheree Rayford $410

Circles and Circles

Circles & Circles--Collage by Mei-ling Albert $180

Clear'er Vision

Clear'er Vision--Acrylic Painting by Olivia Griffin $150

Suppressive Fire

Suppressive Fire--Acrylic Painting by Yves Daos $200

Time Stands Still

Time Stands Still--Oil Painting by Annie Johnson $500

The Depth of Peace 2

The Depth of Peace 2--Acrylic Painting by Sheree Rayford $410

The Depth of Pence 1

The Depth of Peace 1--Acrylic Painting by Sheree Rayford $410

Goku Training-Krillin

Goku Training/Krillin--Acrylic Painting by Cesar Ortiz $160

Master Rochi

Master Rochi--Acrylic Painting by Cesar Ortiz $160

Low Ready

Low Ready--Acrylic Painting by Yves Daos $200

Impressions in the Sand

Impressions in the Sand--Photography by Jodi Webber $78

Hudson River

Hudson River--Pastel by Chris Naughton $400

Crazy Pineapple

Crazy Pineapple--Acrylic Painting by Estefania Gutierrez $100


Tupac--Charcoal by Cesar Ortiz $180


www.Galaxy--Acrylic Painting by Ken Chew $500

Medieval Patterns

Medieval Patterns--Photography by J. S. Hartley $145

Autumn Flow

Autumn Flow--Textile/Sculpture by Laura Klein $250

Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves--Mixed Media by Laura Klein $250

On Duty

On Duty--Photography by Sheree Rayford $350

Lots of Angles

Lot of Angles--Mixed Media by JoRene' Danel $125


Repeating--Photography by Dennis Ariza $85

Fireworks Gardens

Fireworks Garden--Mixed Media by JoRene' Danel $350

Under the Boardwalk

Under the Boardwalk--Photography by Jodi Webber $78


Murmur--Acrylic Painting by Cherol Ockrassa $900

Waiting Room

Waiting Room--Photography by Sheree Rayford $350

Mr. Cranium

Mr. Cranium--Wood Carving by Doug Cooper $50


Murmur 2--Acrylic Painting by Cherol Ockrassa $900

Up A Tree--Lettie

Up A Tree--Watercolor by Lettie Neuhauser Maclachlan $495

The Walk

The Walk--Mixed Media by Doug Cooper $100

My Tourmaline Garden

My Tourmaline Garden--Jewelry by Pamela Smeenk $225


Bridge--Mixed Media by Doug Cooper $350

Sunset in Suisun

Sunset in Suisun--Acrylic Painting by Steve O. Kha $120

7th Hole Mare Island

7th Hole Mare Island--Oil Painting by Doug Slaydon $500

Glorias Vineyard

Gloria's Vineyard--Oil Painting by Doug Slayton $500

Trees Three

Trees Three-Oil Painting (Triptych) by Annette Laurel Batchlor $250

River City

River City--Oil Painting by Annette Laurel Batchlor $480


Waves--Photography by Dennis Ariza $85

Bighorn Sheep-on-Patterned Stone

Bighorn Sheep-on-Patterned Stone--Photography by J. S. Hartley $195


Pat Metheney--Mixed Media by Carl Bradford III $7500


Stacked--Acrylic Painting by Ken Chew $400

All That

All That--Acrylic Painting by Ebba Navas $600

Step w PRIDE

Step with Pride--Photography by Sheree Rayford $350

Deep Sea

Deep Dea--Acrylic Painting by Steve O. Kha $150

Living on the Edge

Living on the Edge--Photography by Jodi Webber $95

Wooden Valley Vineyard

Wooden Valley Vineyard--Photography by J. S. Hartley $295


Discovery--Acrylic Painting by Steve O. Kha $150

Autumn Swirl

Autumn Swirl--Photography by JT Whittaker $160


Essence--Acrylic Painting by Bahiya Spaulding $500

Birch Trees

Birch Trees--Acrylic Painting by Maribel Passion $200


Office--Acrylic Painting by Maribel Passion $300


3 Women--Mixed Media by Laura Klein $250


Monk In Green--Mixed Media by Carl Bradford III $7500

Blue Green Worm Hole

Blue Green Worm Hole--Photography by JT Whittaker $160

Silent Path

Silent Path--Watercolor by Barbara Smithson $115


Bouquet--Watercolor by Adrienne Emmering $180

Wild Palm Trees

Wild Palm Trees--Oil Painting by Adrienne Emmering $180

Dolphines Dancing

Dolphins Dancing--Acrylic Painting by Steve O. Kha $120

Winter Nights

Winter Nights--Acrylic Painting by Estefania Gutierrez $200


Dotty--Mixed Media by Cherol Ockrassa $1000


Alone--Photography by Dennis Ariza $85

Red Apple Waves

Red Apple Waves--Photography by JT Whittaker $160

Uneven Grey-Pale Green Squares

Uneven Grey-Pale Green Squares--Photography by JT Whittaker $160

Funky Chickens

Funky Chickens--Watercolor by Laura Klein $250


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