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New opportunities for the new year

Pop-up, shmop-up! The FSVAA Gallery at Solano Town Center is pushing to stay put through 2017. That means more oppotunities for the next 13 months for local artists to showcase their artwork in the new year.

This February will open with a show offering both themed and un-themed options for your art here. A detailed artist call will be posted soon:

“Embrace” exhibit (displays Feb. 3 to Mar. 20, 2016)

What’s your personal passion?

Embrace your partner.

Embrace your community.

Embrace your ethnicity.

Embrace a person in your life.

Embrace your identity.

Embrace your love for (fill in the blank).

Participate in a themed group show interpreting the tile "Embrace". All pieces submitted for inclusion of the show must embody a personal passion.

This exhibit has a two piece per artist limit, and the pieces must relate to each other. This show displays alongside the open-themed exhibit listed below.

Open-Themed exhibit (displays Feb. 3 to Mar. 20, 2016)

What’s new with you?

Show off your latest and greatest piece for the world to see in an open-themed exhibit of FSVAA members’ artwork. Submit one piece of any subject matter in any medium for a general group show. This show displays alongside the “Embrace” exhibit above.

Mini-Solo exhibits (ongoing)

Sometimes one piece just doesn’t cut it.

Communicate your vision through multiple pieces in series or an installation. Submit a cohesive body of work to be featured in a section of the gallery. Present yourself with an evening artist’s talk to further engage the viewer and field questions about your work. Please contact the gallery manager with representative samples, an artist statement about the work, and display requirements.

"Versus" exhibit (ongoing)

A rotating display commission for one or two artists at a time.

Built-in framed blank white space doesn’t do it for me. Let’s make use of the light boxes in the front display window, shall we?!

This exhibit is open for a single artist or pair of artists to create two complementary or opposing pieces to fit in the existing light box frames in the window. Pieces should take the place of the vertical 30 in. x 60 in. plexiglas panels (~1/8 in. thick) with black frame covering ~1/4 in. of artwork from edge. Please contact the gallery manager with ideas, representative samples ,and display requirements. Think provocative, engaging, fun, tension creating…

Here's to a great 2016 in art and beyond!

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