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PBS KVIE Art Auction - October 2 - 4, Channel 6

The following FSVAA Members had their artwork accepted for the PBS KVIE Art Auction and you can watch to see if their artwork sells on the following days and times:

Marcia Jones, Oct 3, 12:30pm

Dennis Ariza & JoRené Danel, Oct 2pm

Misuk Goltz & Jodi Webber, Oct 3, 3pm and Oct 4, 12:30pm

Phil Venerable & J. T. Whittaker, Ken Chew, Oct 4, 4pm

Adrienne Emmering, Oct 4, 4:30pm

You can verify their dates and times to watch at:

Each piece will be featured as part of this year’s Auction, a live three-day event broadcast on KVIE local Channel 6 and online at:

The Auction airs:

Friday, Oct. 2 from 7pm to 10pm,

Saturday, Oct. 3 from 12Noon to 10pm, and Sunday, Oct. 4 from 10am to 8pm


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