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FSVAA Art Auction

Most of you have seen all the artwork in the backroom of the STCG. It had been accumulating there and at the LHG for some time. Former members and family members have donated the artwork to the FSVAA. Members have asked if they could have an artwork piece or buy an art piece. Well, now’s the time.

As a way to raise money for the FSVAA High School Student Art Show, the FSVAA Children’s Art Show, and the FSVAA Nor-Cal Regional Juried Art Show, artwork will be auctioned to the highest bidder on Sunday, October 25 at 3pm. The artwork will be on display October 15 through October 25 at our new sponsor’s business, Common Grounds Coffee Shop, located near the Solano Town Center Gallery.

All Members and the Public that would like to bid on a piece of art are welcome to visit Common Grounds during normal business hours. Bidders will be treated to 10% off each cup of coffee during their visit.


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